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Kitchen Utensils


    Cake Server plus Cutting Edge


    Serving and cutting in oneCutting and serving are a piece of cake with this beautiful tool. Sweet! Features For cutting and serving cake - large triangular blade with serrated sides Cutting edge on both sides for right- and left-handed use Smooth forms...


    Can Opener plus Bottle Opener


    A real eye opener!Effortless opening of all standard tins without leaving any jagged edges. Features Safe - opens tins without leaving any jagged edges Opens all standard cans without leaving jagged edges - classical proven opening system Easy to clean...


    Cheese Slicer


    Smooth and easySay cheese to superb cutting performance, and smooth cheese slicing! Features Easy to operate and suitable for soft and hard cheese Effortless cheese slicing Less sticky for cheese, blade remains sharp for a longer time - ultrasonic...


    Coarse Grater plus Cover


    Great grater!Grating fresh ingredients brings out the strongest tastes. Just pick your taste: cabbage, apples, soft cheese, zucchini, carrotsÂ… The anti-slip handle and large plate help you grate lightly. You can feed this coarse grater about...


    Garlic Press


    With easy to clean removable grilleA crush on garlic, but wincing at the mincing? This garlic press with coloured handle will brighten your mood and kitchen. Quick, efficient and easy to clean thanks to its removable anvil. For cloves to love. Features ...


    Herbs and Vegetables Regrow Kit


    Regrow your herbs and vegetables from scrap(s)!Leftovers from spring onions or cabbage? Sprouting garlic cloves? Regrow your herbs and vegetables from scrap(s) with this Regrow Kit. No more waste! Features Start your own regrow-garden in your kitchen...


    Kitchen Scales+ Dark Grey


    Digital weighing without batteriesWindup weighing with this battery-free digital Kitchen Scales Plus. This smart kitchen helper weighs everything from 5 gram to 5 kilos. Easy to clean and easy on the planet. A great scale to wind up with! Features No...