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warranty FAQ

Am I entitled to a warranty?

The Brabantia warranty is valid if the product has shown a defect that can be attributed to our production and the product is: newly purchased, used in a household environment for the purpose for which it was made and (when applicable) used as described in the operating instructions.

The purchase receipt with the date of purchase, the name of the store and the product, is considered a guarantee certificate. This can also be an online proof of purchase.

If Brabantia products are used professionally in, for example, a hotel, public space or hospital, the warranty expires. If there is something wrong with the products, a commercial solution is sought. Please always contact your Brabantia contact person. Don't you have a contact? Please contact the Brabantia consumer service.

Can the Brabantia warranty expire?

Yes, it can. The Brabantia warranty expires when:

You cannot prove that the warranty period has not yet expired.

The product has not been used in a household environment (e.g. in public areas).

The product has not been serviced or has been improperly maintained.

The product was not used for the purpose for which it was made.

A repair or modification has been carried out/made to the product by or on behalf of someone other than us (Brabantia).

Do I get a (re)warranty on a service part?

Well, that depends. When we, Brabantia, replace the service part for you under warranty, the warranty period of the original purchase will continue to apply. This refers to the purchase of the complete product. Therefore, keep the original proof of purchase for as long as the warranty period runs, even after something has been replaced with the product.

Did you buy a service part yourself? Then a new warranty period starts. After purchasing a service part, you are entitled to a 2-year warranty on the relevant part. Always keep the proof of purchase, of a part too.

Can I claim warranty after purchasing a part?

This is possible, but only when it concerns a service part (not a complete product). Have you recovered your proof of purchase? Or have you completely forgotten to ask for a warranty and did you only find out after placing your order? Please contact the Brabantia consumer service. Send us your order number, proof of purchase and the problem you wanted to solve. Then we will check whether you are still entitled to a guarantee, and therefore also what we can do for you. You can contact us via our contact form.

Use damage/defect or production damage/defect?

Your Brabantia product includes something that has been damaged. After you report to us, we will check the damage/defect to determine if it is covered under warranty or not. This depends on the type of damage.

Was the damage or defect caused by use? Then it isn't compensated for under warranty. This usually concerns a dent, scratch, stain or breakage. Does your product have a dent, scratch, stain or breakage upon receipt? Then report the product for a return within the specified return period.

Does the damage or defect have anything to do with (a failure with) our production? Then this will be reimbursed under warranty, provided your request meets the warranty conditions.

The line between use damage/defect and production damage/defect is often a thin one. Any questions? Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you. During our conversation we try to form the most complete picture possible regarding your question.

What are the warranty conditions?

All Brabantia products have been developed, produced and tested based on a high quality standard. If there is something wrong with your Brabantia product, and you have proof that the warranty period has not yet expired, we will provide the right advice, a replacement part or a replacement product. This depends entirely on the problem and the situation.

In our first contact we will always try to establish the problem and the situation when this is not (completely) clear.

Depending on the type of product, you are entitled to a 2, 3, 5 or 10 year warranty. The exact warranty period can be found on the Brabantia website or the packaging of the product. The warranty starts on the day of the purchase of the product.

My product is damaged (scratch, dent or slightly broken), what do I do now?

This is far from ideal. Was your product delivered like this? If so, this probably happened during shipping. Shipping damage is covered within the specified return period of 30 days. If you bought your Brabantia item from our website please email with the details and we will sort it out for you. If you bought it from a different retailer, please lodge a claim with the retailer where you purchased the item.

Did you discover or report the damage after the specified return period? Then we can no longer be sure that this is shipping damage. From then on, damage such as a scratch, dent or breakage is seen as use damage. This is not compensated for under warranty.